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Found 2 results

  1. I recently heard that you can roll your employer's contributions into your Roth. I believe this law was new in 2016. I understand this will create a tax bill but I think it is worth looking into. Of course when I called my HR department they said they never heard of any such thing. When I spoke with my financial advisor he said the school corp would never go for this because they would lose the tax deduction. Can anyone verify or tell me how/where to begin looking into this law? Further, if this is the case, how can I go about making sure this is made available to all of my co-workers? Thank you so much!
  2. Hi everyone, I haven't posted in a while (though you can consider me inspired by tony's encouragement earlier this week...). My question has to do with whether or not to consider a ROTH 403b. My wife and I just began our 403b contributions back in September, and we both plan to work at least another 21 years in public education (when I'll have 30 years in the NH Retirement System and she will have 26 or so). Not a lot of money in these accounts yet (about 2k in each). My wife's 403b is with ASPIRE, and her district matches up to 3% (unheard of, I know!). I have a 403b with Vanguard currently. I was just looking over the OMNI options for my district this morning, and noticed several ROTH 403b options (one of which is ASPIRE, who offers a ROTH 403b and a ROTH 457). I hadn't considered this back in the fall, mostly because I didn't understand ROTH very well. Now it has me thinking. When we retire, the money we take out of her 403b will be taxed. Would it be best for me to stick with my current arrangement, or go the ROTH route? ASPIRE's fees are higher than Vanguard (though I do currently pay OMNI $3/month just to use Vanguard...), but is it possible that having untaxed withdrawals later in life would actually save us money? Is it even possible to move from a 403b into a ROTH 403b (or 457 for that matter)? I don't necessarily feel the need to switch (it's not like I am locked into a predatory AXA plan or anything), but - if it would be smart to do so - switching sooner rather than later would be ideal. Thanks for any help you can offer! -Erich
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