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Found 3 results

  1. I am new to the school system and new to working. My school offers a bunch of options for 403bs and I'm not sure which option is best. I'm having a hard time finding information about fees or funds in general. Any advice on choosing one over the other would be helpful. My school did not provide me with much information and I want to make a smart choice. AXA Equitable Franklin Templeton FTJ Fund Choice Lincoln Investments Security Benefits
  2. Hello everyone, I'm new to the site and to the world of 403(b). I just became a teacher recently and am looking for investment advice. I recently signed up for Vanguard and want to know what some good funds/options might be for me. I'm currently 36 years old, married, and will retire around 65 years old (hopefully). Due to various life issues, I do not have much saved for retirement. Any tips you can give are much appreciated. Thanks for all your help!
  3. Excuse my self-indulgence as I post something I wrote.... When I work with teachers, many of them invest their 403(b) without giving any thought to the fact that they will have a pension in retirement. For many, when including this pension asset, it can change how aggressively (or not) they want to invest their money. Here's some thoughts that I have on the matter: http://financeforteachers.com/how-should-a-teacher-invest/
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