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Found 1 result

  1. My wife and I are both teachers in Maryland. Our only option for 403b investment is Lincoln Financial Group (www.lfg.com). The annual fee has been 0.43%, but we were recently informed that it will be reduced to 0.31%. I am currently enrolled in the “Aggressive” model portfolio because I have at least 20 more years before retirement, and I plan to switch to “Moderate” and “Conservative” model down the road. But, I do have the option of switching to a Morningstar advisor managed portfolio. My current portfolio balance is: · AM Fds EuroPacific Growth 24.00% · Vanguard 500 Index Admiral Shares 13.00% · Blackrock EQ Dividend I 11.00% · JPM Small Cap Equity 10.00% · Jhn Hnk Disciplined Val Mid Cap Fund R6 9.00% · MFS International New Discovery R6 8.00% · Vanguard Total Bond Market Index 6.00% · Other 19.00% In four years, I have contributed $11K, my current balance is $14.5K, and I have paid $95 in fees and expenses. I think we have a good 403b program, but I want to get some input. Should we stick to the plan, or see if I can get access to other options (TIAA-CREF, etc.)? Would it be wise to switch to the Morninstar portfolio? (I am not sure what the investment mix looks like) We currently put half of our contributions into a standard 403b and half into Roth 403b. Should we consider contributing more heavily to one or the other? We both participate in Social Security and have a state pension plan. We also have access to 401a and 457b plans. Thank you, Joe
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