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Found 1 result

  1. Yesterday the market took a big hit. Just wondering how everybody is doing with their plan. Its one thing to have a great plan you understand and say that you will stick to it when times are good. But when Mr. Bear makes a surprise and unwelcome visit some suddenly forget all about their plan. All great plans are useless (and dangerous to your nest egg) if you act on your emotions and bail. Our portfolio is down dollar-wise about $50,000 from its high about two months ago. That's about a 4% decline. 50 grand is a lot of money, but we understand the risks in our 35% stock/65% bond allocation for our ages in retirement. I will be posting a detail account of our plan year to date when this quarter closes. Good plans decline in a down market. You need to take that risk to get returns over the long term to meet or beat the inflation rate. Annuities do not lose money because you will never get those market highs, the insurance company uses your money to get those market highs for themselves and can reset the credit due to you as they see fit! The sales people convince many people that never losing money is good thing, and this is so wrong. But they don't care as they are not fiduciaries. If you are fine with this decline, then you probably have taken on the appropriate risk for your risk tolerance. And you are still thinking about the long term and expect Mr. Bear to come around on a short term basis. But if you are suddenly concerned, post your plan here and allow us to take a look.
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