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Found 2 results

  1. I've been with AXA for 11 years and have recently discovered what a bad place to be putting my money. I'm a teacher and only have 403(b) offerings. My options in my district are currently: American Funds - R3 Investments American Funds - R4 Investments AXA Equitable Franklin Templeton Bank & Trus, F.S.B MetLife Variable Annuity Life Insurance Company (VALIC) Can someone tell me which is the best one to go with? I plan on taking everything out of my AXA account.
  2. Hi everyone! A huge thanks to all who have helped me learn more about the trials and tribulations of 403(b) investing. I have managed to get Aspire added to our district's offerings. Working on TIAA Cref. (The superintendent is "thinking about it." Huh???) Anyway, I wanted to spread the word about our generally lousy options. I met with a group of 30 people from the teachers' union reps and presented some basic information. Details about fees, advisors, options, etc. (I used part of the John Oliver, Retirement video. Very funny and quite apropos!) it went over very well...but I did get a lot of questions about annuities. Such as, how to extricate themselves from an annuity! I know very little about annuities, never having been roped into them, but I know they are pricey, hard to exit, and a killer, often, for one's investments. Do you have any particular website I could recommend? I am not becoming a financial adviser, just trying to steer people. I have mentioned this website and the Teach and Retire Rich book. Other suggestions? (By the way, I found the interview with Mark Luckenbill about Aspire very, very helpful. Thanks!!!!!)
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