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Found 1 result

  1. I think we’ve discussed this before and it frustrated me that I need to ask again. I am writing a teacher Professional Development class on 403b’s. The objective is to alert them to the advantages and pitfalls of this type of investment. I am far enough along where I know most local districts will not approve it for them to receive any Pd credit for it because it doesn’t benefit students or district goals. However, I will end up with a course I can take anywhere and will have awakened some teachers in my class, at the very least. Goals are to become aware of 403b options; to set a personal goal for investment with a time frame; understand the 4% rule; identify their potential pension amount after number of years; identify if they are likely to live off their pension; be able to explain the effect of Fees on investment returns. I will have them identify their district 403b options and search to identify the costs. I will refer them to their district office to dig, and to a salesman. I will refer them to this blog, of course. I will require readings, and post/comment their findings. I will teach this with a (zoom) webinar, and discussion board. What else would you add and how would you go about teaching? I appreciate any advice, especially from those who have already taught teachers, or presented to them. I cannot find the presentations that have been shared and I apologize for requesting duplicate information.
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