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Found 1 result

  1. Steve mentioned in a post recently that most teachers can't save much these days in 403b's or choose not to. This article spells out the plight teachers are facing across the country. It's very real . However, while I don't mean to appear unsympathetic some of these teachers are making more than I ever did at their age. I get it that perhaps this is a different time but I wonder how much of this stems from millennials not having learned to live within their means and a general lack of financial finesse and literacy. It's not how much you make necessarily it's how much you keep and that may mean making more of a sacrifice than many today (I have noticed)are willing to make.. I had friend teachers who complained daily about not making enough money and who were unable to save a penny but were spending up to 15$- $20.00 dollars a day on breakfast and lunch treats and coffee drinks. On top of that they talked about all the dinners out they were eating. Those are the kind of things I gave up plus I worked two jobs for a while.The fact millennials are returning to night class to learn basic skills indicates to me that our school system is failing our students in essential learning like personal finance. So while teachers are underpaid certainly, personal habits matter. Most folks in 9-5 non state jobs are envious of the pensions and days off teachers have. The grass sometimes does seem greener on the other side. https://www.cnn.com/2019/02/10/us/denver-teacher-strike-multiple-jobs/index.html
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