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Found 2 results

  1. I have been working in a district (New York state) where I was contributing to my 403b under plan member. I just got a new job in a new district. They do not offer plan member as a provider. I think I am going to go with Aspire. Should I transfer my old funds to the new 403b account? Should I keep them in plan member and just not contribute? If I do transfer funds, do I contact my new provider (Aspire) or the old one (plan member)? Thank you so much for any feedback!
  2. I'm a first year teacher so everything is new to me. My Dad had been mentioning that I should look into starting a 403b to suppliment my pension when I retire. I was busy enough with being a new teacher that I didn't think about it. Then one day, there were sandwhiches in the lunch room and these people asking me when I wanted to retire. They said 403b and I thought, hey I need one of those. I scheduled a meeting and met with one of their reps. They started off by showing me where my pension would be by the year I retire and how to make up the difference with the income of a 403b. They talked about how the max I can put into a 403b is 18,000 and asked if I wanted to start puting in 1,800 a paycheck. They knew I was a first year teacher yet somhow they thought I could live off whatever was left after taking 1,800 out of my montly paycheck! Crazy. I say I can commit $100 to start and then go from there. They show me the return projection and something seemed off. Then I looked at what the projected return was and it was a crap 3%. Turns out it was an anuity. After having to email and call to get the thing cancled now I am trying to plan what to do next. I have so many options that my District allows but I'm not exactly sure where to start. I have a meeting with School's first credit union as they have a mutual fund option through nationwide. The fees are pretty low but I'm still a little lost. Features Portfolio Rebalancing Managed Account Services Managed Account Services .70% Asset Based Plan Administration Fee .21% Asset Fee .04% or, .44% Participant Recordkeeping Charge Annual fee flat $4.00 There are so many funding options. Not really sure what to do. I don't know if any of you have heard of reddit but they have a personal finance subreddit and this was the advice I was given in terms of how to diversify my mutual fund. For 403(b) funds, I would use: 54% US stocks:81% DFA U.S. Large Company Portfolio 0.08% (DFUSX ) 19% Vanguard Small Capitalization Growth Index Fund Investor Shares 0.24% (VISGX) 36% Nationwide International Index Fund Class A 0.7% (GIIAX) 10% Dodge & Cox Income Fund 0.43% (DODIX) Would appreciate any feedback!
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