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Found 2 results

  1. I am also looking at whether we should simply use SIMPLE IRAs instead of 403(b). I know that SIMPLEs are cheaper for the employer. What I can't find is whether they are cheaper for the employer because they are indeed, simple, and so cheaper and easier to administer - or if any of the costs are sloughed off on to the employee. If the two plans potentially cost the same to the employee, and one is much cheaper than the other to administer - the only cost is a loss of flexibility - this is an important point. I can't find any expert who will say this. Lots of praises for how easy and cheap SIMPLEs are to administer - no talk about how it affects the employee.
  2. Colleagues: I work for a nonprofit organization, and I am putting together a matrix of potential 403(b) funds for the executive director for our relatively small staff. Using a search engine to try to find out about which ones we should consider only provides webpages from the employee point of view, not the employer. Further, we are not some vast school district - we are talking about a dozen or so employees. Can someone point me to a resource to help me evaluate the zillions of funds that are out there? I doubt we're going to have more than one investment company for employees to choose from, so it needs to be broad enough to offer several kinds of investment options, and be flexible enough for the diversity of needs on staff. Thank you in advance for any light you can shed.
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