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Availability For Doctors

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I am currently a resident and looking at potential employers. How common is it for a doctor to be able to contribute to a 457 plan? Only non-profit hospitals? Community health centers? Can I find a list of employers (hospitals) that offer 457 plans somewhere on the internet or is this something that is negotiated when signing a contract? Thank you very much in advance.



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Your future employer has to be a non-profit organization to satisfy the IRS rules.

That employer then has to have an organization-wide plan. It is not something that you would negotiate to have in your contract. They either have it or they don't.

The likiliest scenario is that your future employer has in place a 403(b) plan essentially for everyone.

The 457(b) plans are limited to the more highly compensated individuals within that organization.

Undoubtedly you would be in that category.

When you go interviewing you'll want to ask about the availability of this type of plan.

It is a competitive environment and this just the sort of thing that attracts and keeps employees.

I am currently working for a large health organization in North Carolina.

The 457(b) plan became available about 3 years ago shortly after IRS rule changes allowed it to be extended to this type of setting.

Hope this is helpful to you.


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