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Calstrs & Ab2506

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Hi all,


I just wanted to give an update on the CalSTRS 403(b) Information Bank which is now in process and scheduled for debut in July 2004. I attended the first advisory committee meeting on Monday along with about 20 other people ranging from teachers, adminstration, union leaders, lobbyists, agents, corporate attorneys, industry reps, legislative aids, and CalSTRS employees. It was quite a gathering and was led by Ed Derman, the Deputy CEO of CalSTRS.


The meeting went well in my opinion and the people from CalSTRS seem to be very excited about the project and are being vigilant in their efforts to ensure a great end product. The leadership at CalSTRS is very solid and they are committed to listening to everyone's input, both from industry and teachers. The one thing that struck me was the educators who attended were very much in support of the database, they almost seemed excited about it - they are craving simplicity and full disclosure.


It is clear that there may be some obstacles in the process, anytime you try to assimilate such a large amount of information across many topics you run the possibility of getting lost in the details, however I was impressed with CalSTRS and believe they are up to the task.


I would love to hear from anyone out there with input as to what they would want to see in the database.


Thanks again,



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Guest rollover

Hi Scott,


I was wondering if anyone at the meeting mentioned the Investment Plan of the FRS.




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