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Metlife Predictor - 403 B

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I am new to this 403b thing. Age 45. School employee annual salary of $20,000. I was approached about this plan and would like to know the opinions of others. I have read the prospectus and am trying to figure out if this plan is as good as it seems.


Thanks for your help.

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Welcome to this site. We are here to help. Agree with LBJackson. MetLife is a big insurance company with expensive 403b plans and their prospectus is difficult to understand with respect to the fee structure. I would learn more about 403b investment options and look for lower cost alternatives such as TIAA CREF or Vanguard. You have a choice, you can be "approached" by sales people and you will pay more in fees and commissions OR you can ask more questions and read all of the articles on this site and subsequently go after TIAA CREF or Vanguard. The lower price companies do not have aggressive sales people.



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