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Beware! September Shark Attack

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Here is what is coming down the line to YOUR SCHOOL THIS FALL 2003 in the next marketing attack by the LARGEST and MOST SUCCESSFUL ANNUITY SALES GROUP --- EVER.

How DO they DO it?

They have hired Madison Avenue Ad Execs (really, from NYC, they are the real deal) to find innovative ways to penetrate and sell to unsuspecting consumers with their eyes on saving and retirement. Think you are safe behind the "DO NOT CALL" law. Guess again! These clever folks are spreading the word about a "loophole". They are making money in a market where others are dying on the vine.


The following is off of their web site and is projected to be introduced this September...


**Enlightened Educator** is an intensive, information-packed system designed to "educate" the huge and growing educator marketplace. The system provides you with all the tools you need to develop a strategy and penetrate this lucrative market. With this system you can show participants


· how to accelerate their retirement plans,

· increase their retirement income,

· reduce costly credit card debt immediately,

· create tax-deductible buying power today,

· compound net worth without paying taxes, and

· sleep worry-free every night.


Territory Assignments September 2003



Asset Marketing Systems (AMS) is one of the fastest growing field-marketing organizations in the financial services industry today. This year, with our marketing support, we will help our producers place about $3 Billion in Fixed and Equity Indexed Annuity premium with America's 35 (and counting) million people at or near retirement age.



--They sell $3 BILLION in Annuities. The next closest competitor has over 10-times the agents and less than one seventh the production.

--They promote two-tierred annuities (weren't these outlawed in many school districts?),

--over 50% of their business is through ONE COMPANY -- ALLIANZ. Presently Allianz is having a little trouble in Texas school districts with some class-action lawsuits.

--If they haven't started with teachers yet, to whom have they targeted to date? 75-YEAR OLD SENIORS


--AMS' promotion line to insurance agents is "We will double your income and double your time off."

--AMS' strategy is seminar format with vague information teasers to "see me for the REAL information"

--AMS is a team effort with a front man who warms up the audience to introduce the speaker and after every 2 to 3 topics they introduce a marketing gimmick: FREE drawing for questionably valuable "prizes" and such.

--AMS is so turnkey, that their agents memorize the sales pitch, you NEVER add nor delete anything from the PITCH. They keep statistics and KNOW EXACTLY the sales to be derived from any group of seminar attendees.

--Do they LIE? Are they DECEPTIVE? No. Tell no stories, tell no lies. They tell you nothing. To learn anything, you have to set an appointment. Once in their office, in 10 minutes you are a qualified buyer or you are escorted out. What's a buyer? You have money somewhere: IRA, 401(k), Pension, etc.

--Are they good at selling? They are the BEST.



YOU should be scared....very scared.





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