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457 Vendors

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Guest Sierra

Does anyone know if these specific vendors offer 457 plans:


1. Vanguard

2. T. Rowe Price

3. Fidelity


Thanks in advance



The "Plan" can only be established and offered by an employer. These 3 firms are investment product providers and their products can be used by the participants of 457 plans if the employer (plan sponsor) adopts them as investment product providers for the "Plan".




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I do not know about T. Rowe Price, but I contacted Vanguard about a year ago in order to try to set them up as a 457 plan provider at our school as they are one of our providers for our 403B. However, they said that they do not do that for a 457 plan.


I had better luck with Fidelity. They said they would set up a 457 plan and my business administrator said that he only wants to attend a meeting to avoid some of the mistakes other schools have made with 457 plans before he sets it up. Fidelity told me that there was no minimum amount of dollars or people that they require to set it up.


Good luck in getting one of them. It took me three years to get Vanguard added as a 403b provider and I am in my third year trying to get Fidelity added as a 457 provider




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