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Currently I have 403B plans with Valic and the Equitable and I now realize that I could do much better with a low cost family. I talked to our business mgr. about setting up an account through Vanguard or TIAA-Cref but he is not ###### about the idea. I contacted Vanguard and they said that I could open a frozen account and do a transfer.

(90-24?) If I set up this account do I transfer all funds from my equitable account (no penalties) and close it or do I transfer the majority of funds and keep it open and continue to contribute but only into the money market and transfer funds on a yearly basis. I'm confused as what to do if I follow the route of setting up a frozen account. With my Valic account which has much less money and penalties that still apply after owning it 14 years (do you believe that)I was going to keep until no penalty applied(next year) and then close the account.

One last question, if in 2008 transfers are not accepted to funds not on my employers list would it be better to just invest in an index no load fund than a fund such as Valic or Eq.?





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