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Want To Go With Fidelity

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Hi everyone -

I had posted in the past after having been approached by an AXA rep in the fall/winter. I got good feedback from this forum, but some things came up and I never ended up starting my 403b.


So, I welcome some advice again. And what reminded me to get back on track? An AXA rep came back. I guess they are good for reminders, at least. (since they are not good for much else, I have learned thanks to the board).


I am now approaching the end of my first year. I work in a NJ high school, and of all the options my employer offers (VALIC, AXA, Lincoln, the other Lincoln, Citi...) Fidelity seems my best bet.


I need a little more encouragement now. What is the next step? I am afraid to make the plunge I guess because I am not sure of what I should be setting up. I want to make sure I ask all the right questions, but I dont want to get hooked up with an advisor with fees.


I am 26 years old, and as I said, completing my first year of employment EVER. I am married, but my husband just moved here from Europe, will soon be working in construction. So using just my paycheck for retirement planning is the only thing I am concerned about right now.


Sorry my question is pretty basic, but the more I try to research, the more confused I get. Point me in the right direction? I appreciate any sound advice.



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Dear Ciao Fiore (Hello Flower?)


I think your only good choice is Fidelity. Just contact your Business Officer in your district and ask for a Salary Reduction Agreement. Fill it out with the amount you want to have withdrawn monthly and I think he/she will

then help you with the process. I doubt you will have to go through an agent to sign up with fidelity. If you are assigned an agent then right us back before doing or signing anything. Your goal should be to invest directly into Fidelity with no intermediary involved.


I would then chose your funds. I highly recommend the index funds because of very low cost.


Regardless which funds you pick try to get some exposure to international stocks, Large Caps, Mid Caps, Small Caps and Bonds.


If you can send your fund choices to us, we will certainly help you make the correct choices.


I hope this helps. You are being very wise at a very young age and I commend you. You sound by your name as if you may be Italian, if so so am I !!



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Thanks, Tony, it helps a lot. I will be going to the business office on Monday. You really helped to break it down in simple steps, not intimidating as I first thought.


And yes, hello flower is correct. I'm italian american, but my husband actually chose the name (met him in Italy).


Every other male in my family is named Tony, so I could have figured you for a paisan too

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