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Low Fee 457 Vendors

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Which low fee vendors provide 457 services? Basically, I am trying to help my wife add one "non-insurance" option to their current vendor list. Is there one company that is more accomodating or easier to work with in setting this up?? One of the major obstacles will be ease of adding an option. So, the fine points of which company has which funds etc. will pale in comparison to the simplicity aspect in winning this small war.


In particular I am thinking about companies like vanguard, TRP, fidelity or TIAA CREF. Anyone have experience with adding any of these vendors to a 457 plan??



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Here is what I have been able to find out:


Fidelity will basically take anyone who is willing to sign up as a plan sponsor. There is a $24/year account fee and you pay the basic retail expense ratios. Here is there link:



Vanguard has something similar, but if memory serves me correctly, you need to bring one million in assets to the table. Not sure if there are annual account fees beyond the retail expense ratios. I do not have a link for Vanguard.


My agency has all insurance based products and/or a third party middleman that add fees of 65 to 85 bps in addition to the mutual fund and/or annuity fees. I have a vanguard/fidelity index porfolio and can escape with an expense ratio of around 100 bps or 1%!!!!


CalPERS is one option for my agency for a number of reasons. They have an admin fee of 26 bps (not too bad considering what I am paying NOW) and do provided a brokerage window option.


Let us know what you do!


Gerry L.

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