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Guest J Simmons

Is A 457b A Plan Described In 219(g)(5)(a)(iii)?

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Situation is this: Govt ER has a 457b plan with no service requirement. Govt ER also has a 401a plan with a 3 month service requirement. An EE wants to make a one time, irrevocable election under 1.401(k)-1(a)(3)(v). That requires the election be made before becoming eligible for any plan described in 219(g)(5)(A).


219(g)(5)(A) included "(iii) a plan established for its employees by the United States, by a State or political subdivision thereof, or by an agency or instrumentality of any of the foregoing". According to the 457 Answer Book, 4th Ed, at pp 1-15 and 2-13, it is suggested that a 457b plan does not fall under 219(g)(5)(A)(iii). If not, then the EE in the situation may make the irrevocable election during the first 3 months employed. Otherwise, the EE cannot make such an election have employment begins.


Does anyone know the citation of authority for the notion that a governmental 457b plan is not a 219(g)(5)(A)(iii) plan?


The last sentence of 219(g)(5)(A) says: "An eligible deferred compensation plan (within the meaning of section 457(b)) shall not be treated as a plan described in subparagraph (A)(iii)." This exempts governmental 457 plans.


Nongovernmental 457 plans are simply not on the basic list, so they are not 219(g)(5)(A) plans either.


Tom Geer

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