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All --


There is an expansion of the article you all have read (the newspaper piece) in March Bloomberg Markets Magazine, beginning on page 96. We just bought all the copies in the Silverdale, WA Barnes and Noble, so don't go there looking for one. More is said by Hutcheson in that article, and other people were interviewed about OTHER plans as well, including International Paper and Ford. There is a little more about the NEA case as well, and several financial experts made public supportive comments.


I really can't answer questions about Hutcheson's access to info, as I don't have direct, personal information about that myself. Additionally, I don't feel comfortable adding information that wasn't in the article, especially because it may include suppositions on my part. Given that John Hancock is objecting, I'm sure you will understand. Suffice it to say, I am confident in Hutcheson and his work.


Jerry (my better 1/2) and I are confident that my dad, who always fussed and fumed about wasted $$, is smiling down on us -- and all the folks on this board who engage in the "good fight". We'll prevail! I'm just hoping to live long enough to see it!!


For those of you who wonder whether going public with your concerns is worthwhile, the reason my husband ended up in this situation followed rather directly from a short article I wrote about Valuebuilder for this very forum about 2 years ago. Dan was kind enough to publish it here. Who knew?



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