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Further Info On Bloomberg Program

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I watched it on DVR last night and forced my wife to watch it along side. I could see the pain in her eyes - she just had no interest. :-(


Thanks for bringing the show to our attention.


The link above does not work - I think this is the correct link:


The Float

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Hi Judy,

Great report. As it turned out, our cable does not provide Bloomberg news. Thanks for sharing. The NEA statement really shows that they have not learned a thing and frankly, now that they beaten back the lawsuit, they are very confident that nobody can touch them and will definitely continue that value killer plan.


In my experience as a committee member of our 457 plan, even a knowledgable committee of employees has a difficult time exposing and deleting the revenue sharing agreements. We knew about those fees two years ago. It's not only the employers and the TPA who do nothing about the high fees, but its the financial consultants to the committee who also support those revenue sharing fees. A few knowledgeable committee members have little chance to change the status quo. In fact, our employer warned us not to go against the financial consultant. OH PLEASE! It is shocking how some well educated people are so easily intimated by image of the financial pro. Its all image with high fees.


Hopefully reports such as this broadcast will inform our colleagues so that more of them are aware of the costs.


Have a good day,


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