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Single Vendor Vs. Multi-vendor

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In a recent post I explained that our 403b consultant recommended that we go with The Standard as our single vendor. ScottyD said, "If you compare The Standard to 403bASP you will find there is no comparison. If a single vendor environment is what you are searching for there is probably nothing better than 403bASP." Currently I have my 403b with Fidelity and really don't want to lose it. Can a company like The Standard or 403bASP provide the type of low-cost options I am used to? Are most school systems being pushed toward single vendor environments for cost savings? I believe that the recommended single-vendor format will be a huge improvement for people who have used AIG-VALIC and ING in the past, but for someone like me, this does not seem like a good step. Will Fidelity in a multi-vendor format, become significantly more expensive under the new regulations? Or are schools maintaining the .1% index funds without the layer of fees? How is this playing out in other places? Thank you.

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