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At my high school, the choices for the 403b seem to be Valic, AXA-Equitable and prudential. I inquired about including Vanguard, and the business administrator told me I would need signatures of 20 teachers who guarantee that they would sign up with Vanguard. I doubt I could get teachers to guarantee this. Does this sound right? Where would such a policy be written? I was thinking of having the union follow up.


What is a normal requirement for a K-12 district add Vanguard?




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Hi javert,


I would not invest in any of the your 403b choices you have right with your school district. They are all high fee companies. Your school's CBO is getting the 20 number from your TPA or it is the policy of the district. Twenty sounds high, but I remember someone posting on this site needing 50 to get his district to add Vanguard. Ask your CBO for the 403b plan document the number might be in there. I would get your Union involved for sure. That is what you pay them for to look out for your best interests.


For now please look at opening of an Roth IRA at Vanguard. You can put 5000.00 in for 08 and add another 5.000 for 09. If you want to put more away for retirement then begin to work on getting Vanguard add to your 403b list. Others at this site will provide you with more information.


Good Luck,



Redding, Ca

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