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Another Victim Of The 403b Debacle

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Hi Gordon,

Its a dirty rotten job, but somebody has to be "pretty discerning bunch!" :-) Seriously, I don't think its very demanding to ask for a clear explanation of fees with documentation. Any vendor who says they have low fees should be very happy to share those costs and us it as a sales pitch. If they don't, I assume that they are not as low as they SAY they are. Its pretty simple.

Have a good day,


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Fidelity was the only non high cost annuity selling option. Now its gone.


+1... my wife just got a word from her school district that they are not signing ISA with Fidelity who was the only low cost provider. I was going to transfer her AXA 403(b) to Fidelity but now that's not going to happen. She stopped contributing to AXA 403(b) account and enrolled in 457 plan last year. It pains me to leave that money with AXA. Time to start writing letters to request a low-cost provider.

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