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"who Is R.w. Durham?"

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RW Durham is an insurance broker out of Torrence California. They sell products from TransAmerica, General American and so on. From what I can see, they would probably offer Annuities in the 403(b)- very bad. They also seem to favor fixed accounts in my experience which I also wouldn't reccomend. Look into purchasing mutual funds directly & not through an annuity.


Good Luck

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In my limited dealings with RW Durham they appear to be a marketing company and every contract I have reviewed that has been run through them has been a fixed annuity (they may do other stuff, I just haven't seen it).


I have no problem with good fixed annuities - they can be a useful planning tool and a great investment for the right people. Some of these older contracts are incredibly valuable in today's rate environement.


The problem with fixed annuities is that you must do your homework to find a decent one, many are sold because they pay a better commission - beware. Not all are bad though and they do have a place in a well diversified portfolio.



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