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Has Anyone Heard Of (note List Of Names)

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Two prefaces: 1. I love reading all the posts, tiring as it is, and 2. I thought I was done fighting battles when I got my district to accept Vanguard, T Rowe, Janus, etc, but then these got withdrawn. I didn't do well in my subversive effort to fund Vanguard through Oppenheimer Money Market (allowable, no fees) as it was just too much work...


Present: FBC (Fringe Benefits Consortium) has been adopted by San Diego County and my district to be our 457 (and 403) provider. All our other 403 providers are insurance companies, all loads which I DON'T want or need.


So, my statements from FBC also are from LPL (Linsco/PRivate Ledger) AND Nationwide AND Best of America take turns appearing on papers, websites, along with offers to let Schield Professional Active Management help me for some awful percent (no thank you). Or maybe they already represent me. I don't know.


Excuse me, but I have no idea what I have. I BELIEVE I have Class A shares with very low loads, and bunches of Gartmore Invdes Mod Sc and 60 other funds (Pimco, Franklin, Oppenheimer) appear on my now-being-rebalanced funds.


And all I wanted was Vanguard (they say they may offer it someday--I'm still waiting).


Up until now I have known exactly what I've had and how I"m doing and what my fees are. I am now completely lost.


Does anyone know about this (these?) fund and/or is anyone else experiencing some of these same frustrations?


My district (who makes these decisions) will NOT have Vanguard (or no load funds) because of the (old) "Hold Harmless" agreement issue.




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