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"greed Is Good" Lives On And On

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The now very famous "Greed is Good" speech was written by the Vietnam Veteran turned director, the insightful, mindful, brilliant and massively driven Oliver Stone. Was Oliver Stone sending us a message that needed to be hidden at the time because he would have been laughed out of the room otherwise? Remember, it was the beginning of the era of acceptance of greed, unregulation, Capitalism is the greatest gift to humankind and nothing should stop it? This is what I read from the author. But what do I know.


I like the ending of this article:

Why hadn't we listened? There was Michael Douglas embodying the message to lay off the Kool-Aid, and all we did was order another bottle of Cristal.

OK, so maybe I'm wrong and the AFI is right about Douglas. Maybe he is a genius after all.





YouTube complete and unedited "Greed is Good" speech: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQnCFdjLJAM&NR=1

Makes anybody who owns individual stock to think about the possiblity of selling it.

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I don't know about greed, but I'm pretty convinced that operating out of self-interest is a good thing. That's what you and I suggest to new investors: that they are really the only ones who have their best interests at heart.


And if investors do well, good for them! I sure don't begrudge anyone who acquires wealth, assuming it is done in a legal manner. Intruder sort of needled you for retiring into a comfortable life style, but I admire you for having done so. I'm working hard to do the same thing myself.


One should not feel guilty for the success and wealth that one has earned.

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