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What's Your Return For The Year In Your 403B

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Capital World Bond Fund year to date (last year)had a 5.97 return. Where do you get 15.1?




American High-Income Trust (junk bonds) – 5.2%


Capital World Bond Fund – 15.1%


Capital World Growth and Income Fund – 71.2%


SMALLCAP World Fund – 8.5%


I've been putting 30% of my contribution into Capital World Bond Fund, 30% into Capital World Growth, 20% into American High Income and 20% into SMALLCAP World. My plan was to keep doing so until I hit 30% total in bonds, then re-adjust. I consider myself an aggressive investor because retirement is a long way off.


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My 403 (b) returns for the year 2010 was an overall 13.1% for all of my TIAA-CREF funds administered by them. I am 100% invested in CREF Stock, Global Equities, Growth, Equity Index variable annuities and the CREF administered American Funds EuroPacific Growth Fund R4 mutual fund.


Like everyone else who invests in equities I took a big 42 % paper loss, during the stock market decline in this Great Recession. However, I did not sell out, but continued to buy and invest using dollar-cost averaging.


There were bargains available during this time. As an “Old Dude” who started investing just before the October 1987 crash, and has continued through the other recessions and the dot-com bust I slept well during this recent downturn.


Since the stock plunge of the Great Recession all of my paper losses have been recovered!


Now I am looking to ride the markets up tick over the next few years. I am four years away from making age 62.



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