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Need Help With Consultants, Vendors

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I would appreciate any assistance I can get finding sources for:


* unbiased consultants to review our current 403(b) and help us introduce another investment sponsor to complement our current provider. We would listen if they strongly encouraged leaving our current vendor.


* quality low-fee vendors who offer adminsitrative services (other than a 1-800 number!)


* unbiased consultants to offer financial planning advice to our senior staff.


We are a $200M 501©3 with 200 employees. No one seems to want our business. Perhaps they perceive all nonprofits as store-front human services organization with no assets? We are not interested in annuities.



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Dear Patrushka.


I am sorry to hear that no one will help you out. However, my firm, Bolton Partners Investment Consulting Group, Inc. is an independent pension consulting firm specializing in 403(b) would be very glad to help you explore your options.


As an independent investment consultant, we can help you make an apples to apples comparison between vendor programs as well as assist and manage an RFP process. We are not affiliated with any vendors or money managers and work entirely on your behalf.


If you would like more information or a free consultation, please feel free to call me at 800-394-0263 x101 or 443-573-3901. We are also featured in an article in the current edition of Plan Sponsor magazine (www.plansponsor.com) or you can learn more about us at www.boltonpartners.com.


Best wishes,

Mike Beczkowski


Mike Beczkowski

Bolton Partners Investment Consulting Group, Inc.

575 South Charles Street Ste. 410

Baltimore, MD 21201




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My firm also provides 403b consulting services. Feel free to contact me at mfischer@amdgadvisors.com. I take a very pragmatic approach with respect to 403(b) plans.



Mark Fischer, CFA

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