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What options does a spouse who inherits a 457(b) have?


Can they just leave the money in the plan, but risk losing the ability to do a "stretch Ira"?


Can they rollover the money from the 457 into an existing rollover Ira they currently have?


Can they rollover the money into an existing Roth Ira?


My spouse currently has a Roth Ira at Vanguard and an old 403(b)(7) that we may rollover into a Rollover Ira at Vanguard. If she was allowed to rollover the 457(b)into her existing Roth Ira, that new money coming from the 457 would have to be converted and thus every penny taxed as ordinary income correct? So, if for example 100K from the 457 was transferred into her existing Roth Ira, she would have to claim that 100k as income, correct?

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