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Oldham Resource Group

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In checking their website http://www.oldhamresourcegroup.com/'>http://www.oldhamresourcegroup.com/'>http://www.oldhamresourcegroup.com/'>http://www.oldhamresourcegroup.com/ they don't seem to make this information available. I see they offer these vendors http://www.oldhamresourcegroup.com/ (pasted below). I'm guessing they add a fee to fees charged by the vendor. See http://www.403bcompare.com/Employee/Vendor/VendorBrowse.aspx to get a general idea of the fees these vendors charge. You'll probably then have to get the fee Oldham charges on top of that. Have you called them? (203)847-5300 Local (800)626-6106 Toll Free. Do you have a prospectus for the products they sell?



  • Oldham Resource Group – FlexSelect Plan
  • (Mutual Funds Platform, choose from over 1,800 funds and 250 fund families, No-load and load-waived mutual funds)
  • American Funds
  • Franklin Templeton
  • Great American – GALIC
  • Hartford
  • ING
  • MetLife
  • Oppenheimer
  • Putnam
  • Security Benefit
  • Security Mutual
  • Symetra


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