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What Have We Learned About Insurance Companies?

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I've been off the board for a while because I'm very busy at work, so I just spent some time catching up with the posts. As usual the board is brimming over with complaints about the unscrupulous practices of insurance companies in advertising, selling improper products, and collecting high commissions among other things. The rest of the time is spent lamenting the lack of knowledge of our HR departments (many don't even know what an annuity is...) and the lack of choice for our 403b.


Before you vote, think about this as it applies to other issues, namely healthcare. Do you really trust that insurance companies, if not regulated, will miraculously change their policies to actually benefit consumers? Do you trust insurance companies to do anything with integrity? I don't. Some things need regulation - Wall Street and insurance practices, just to name two.


I'm probably crazy posting this since politics is such a charged issue...but here goes....

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