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What Was Your 2012 Return?

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I had a 13.6% return for 2012 with 80% equity - 20% bond mix.


For 2013:

short term investments: 60.5%

Stocks : 31.53%

Bonds : 7.88%

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Ok, here are the latest data. Thanks to everybody who submitted.

This is a good learning tool.

I will show this pattern at a workshop this weekend to illustrate how the stock/bond split performs.

One can only speculate as to why CalSTRS for example takes enormous risk and they don't get compensated for it according to our pattern.

CalSTRS benchmark is the Russell 3000 for its domestic stock return and this benchmark returned 16.4%. But CalSTRS allocation has a combined domestic and international market mix and the international went through the roof in 2012. IMO, CalSTRS should have had a higher return.



30% equity / 70% bond performs at 9%

54% equity / 39% bond / 7% cash performs at 11.7%

65% equity / 35% bond performs at 14%

80% equity / 20% bond performs at 13.6%

86% equity / 14% bond performs at 17.1%

90% equity / 10% bond performs at 18.12%


CalSTRS reports:

82% Equity/18% bonds (fixed accounts) preformed at 13.45%.


Any comments?

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Hi guys,

I've been busy with work and haven't had much time to view the forum. There's a good chance I'm going to retire in June and I will definitely need your help with what to do with the 403b!


That said...here was my 2012 performance:


1. Vanguard accounts that include a Traditional IRA; Roth IRA; and dormant 403b = 9.6% return with 50/50 bonds/stock mix. This includes mostly the Vanguard Target 2015 funds, Wellington, and some TIPS


2. CALSTRS Pension2 403B with TIAA-Cref - 10.1% return for 2012; all in targeted retirement portfolio 40% guaranteed; 43% stock; 2% real estate; 8% multi-asset


Considering that my investments are conservative, I'm happy with it.

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Very funny! But you still had a return. If your "almost nothing invested" account rose from $100 to $110 thats a return of 10%, for example (Unless our on-site editors and chiefs correct my calculation, :-) ).

have a great day,


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