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T-Shirt Investing Message Contest

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Here are all the entries from my blog, twitter, email, FB, linkedIn and here: (If I missed anybody, let me know)

"Friends don't let friends buy annuities"

"Caring teachers don't let colleagues buy annuities"

“Don’t just do some­thing, stand there”

“I’ve been pay­ing for whole life for 9 years and all I got was…WAIT, they charged me for this too!”

“I’m with stu­pid.” Then, on the back, “A Wall Street Cus­tomer.“

“Look­ing for your “Finan­cial Advi­sor?” Check under my tires.”

“My Bro­ker Lost My Shirt.“

"My index annuity sales person lost my shirt."


“Annu­ities are for babies!”

“The 50-year rela­tion­ship of K-12 teach­ers and annu­ities need a DIVORCE!”

“The 50-year rela­tion­ship of teach­ers’ unions and annu­ities need a DIVORCE!”

“This teacher doesn’t let col­leagues buy shitty annuities”

“Why is that guy or gal with the TSA brochures smiling from ear to ear?”

"If you can read this, thank a teacher. If you're broke thank your stockbroker!"


"If you think education is expensive, try a tax shelter annuity."

"403B Insurance Company Annuities: They Get The Goldmine-Teachers Get The Shaft!"

"403B Insurance Companies: Certified #1 Pickpockets Of The Education Profession"

"Who do you trust, your local lounge lizard (TSA salesman) or the person you see in your bathroom mirror?"

HELP! I bought an ANNUITY and I can't get OUT!

Annuities JUST DON"T DO IT!

NICE Yacht Mr.Stockbroker, where's mine?


"New job creators? Annuity sales people "employed" by teachers!"

"Fee-only Financial adviser with a signed Fiduciary oath = Higher retirement nest egg."

"Successful investing = AVERAGE Performance is the new normal!

403B Insurance Company Annuities: They Get The Goldmine--Teachers Get The Shaft!

403B Insurance Companies: Certified #1 Pickpockets Of The Education Profession

"Mixing investments and insurance is like pouring water into acid. It spits!"

"4 score and 7 years ago I opened an annuity. I'm finally past the surrender charge."



Hey Mr. Trusty Adviser, just curious...do you adhere to a fiduciary or suitability standard?

403B Insurance Products


Paraphrased from Presidential speeches, one first lady and a Patriot:

  1. "Ask NOT what your annuity sales person can do for you, ask for a fee-only, fiduciary adviser."
  2. "Read my lips, no more annuities!"
  3. "Yesterday, January 1, 1958, a date which will live in infamy. The 403b was suddenly and deliberately monopolized by the insurance industry."
  4. "The only thing to fear is the tax sheltered annuity."
  5. "Just say NO to tax sheltered annuities!"
  6. "Give me an annuity, or give me death. I'll take death."

"A 403b annuity is a contract of the company, issued by the company, for the company all paid for by you."

I have Issues

I signed up for a Tax Sheltered Insurance Annuity


On the front) I am average, I invest in index funds.

(On the back) I will beat 75% of you.

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"The envelopes please...the winner for the most creative message goes to Tony for:

"403B Insurance Company Annuities: They Get The Goldmine-Teachers Get The Shaft!"

His "Help! I bought an ANNUITY and I can't get OUT!" was good too!



The winner by a drawing goes to Greenwich. His message was also great: "Give me liberty or give me death. I'll choose death."


Congrats Greenwich and Tony, PM your mailing address and I will get you each an autographed book.

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Thanks Tony


I love paraphasing famous speeches as you already noticed.



"Never In the history of retirement planning has so many been ripped off by so few for so little gain!"

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Went to my mailbox today and autographed copy of your book was there.


Thanks so much for the book and the fun contest!


The best of luck with your book sales and I look forward to reading it this weekend!



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I started reading Dan and Steve's "Late Bloomer Millionaires" this morning and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I highly recommend it!


I spent my entire 31 year teaching career buying annuities and doing what the sales folks told me to do and I always assumed they were there to help us. It was refreshing to see Dan and Steve went through the same thing and how they turned it around learning to do the investing themselves. The biggest help to me is the fact they thoroughly discuss their mistakes as very few financial advisors would ever do. Every teacher should read this book!


I thank you again for the book and I am fortunate to have found this site!

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Kat, its never too late to post an entry....just for fun.




It is a good book. For me who has known Steve for years through this website, I felt the title should have been "The Very Best of Steve Schullo's 403Bwise Rants and Raves" because so much of the book reminded me of the info he has given us in his posts.


I can still remember running into this website after being totally disgusted with my 403 b options. Here I started reading all the articles on the website and then found the discussion board. I was just a lurker for a while. I started reading Steve's, Joel's (Aka Sierra), and other smart people's posts and came to realize this was a great place to learn and to hang out.


I didn't buy into bonds or index funds at first and I still was in the "find the right advisor mode" but I came around quickly because everything that was said and written was the truth that could be verified. Then I purchased Dans T&RR book and the rest is history. Now Dan can't keep me from posting!!. Its become a darn mission!!!

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