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How To Find The Right Financial Pro

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On 9/23/2019 at 6:07 AM, sschullo said:

That is a great video.

"Reasons you should look for a financial pro" would be an interesting addition to this thread. There's a lot I feel confident doing on my own(choosing asset allocation, choosing investments, updating contribution amounts) during the accumulation phase, so paying an adviser for that doesn't make much sense. I'm sure later in life I'll have more complicated questions or pitfalls someone could help me avoid. Planning a retirement date by balancing pension, social sec and investment withdrawal income is fun right now(with years to go), but it'll become a more serious decision once I get old enough to do it.

"What a financial pro can and can't do" would make a good side-by-side table. "Beat the market over long periods of time (can't)"

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