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Choosing A Fund For A Nonprofit

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I work for a nonprofit organization, and I am putting together a matrix of potential 403(b) funds for the executive director for our relatively small staff.


Using a search engine to try to find out about which ones we should consider only provides webpages from the employee point of view, not the employer. Further, we are not some vast school district - we are talking about a dozen or so employees.


Can someone point me to a resource to help me evaluate the zillions of funds that are out there? I doubt we're going to have more than one investment company for employees to choose from, so it needs to be broad enough to offer several kinds of investment options, and be flexible enough for the diversity of needs on staff.


Thank you in advance for any light you can shed.





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Hi TorP


Tiaa Cref or Fidelity Investments.

We have been evaluating the "zillions of funds" for years on this site.


All you need to remember is to pick just three funds to get started: 1. one fund that invests in the entire domestic stock market, 2. one fund that invests in the total international stock market and 3. one fund to invest in the total bond market index. Thats it!


Because it is a 403b, Vanguard might not want to participate, but check them out never the less! Also your pay roll person needs to know how to contribute pre tax dollars, which any CPA should know. My late hubby did this for his tiny non profit employer years ago and signed a 2 page agreement with Fidelity. It is very straight forward.


You are setting up a very simple plan for the dozen or so employees. Nothing complicated. BTW, you are looking out for your employees best interest and for that, you need acknowledgment.


Great job,


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Welcome to the group. You will find several knowledge people here. In addition to Steve's post, I also like to use fundmojo.com. You can put in a symbol and get a letter grade for the fund, similar to a school grade. You may also review the factors contributing to the grade.


Like Dave, good info Steve!

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