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The Possibility Of Divorce Complicates Investing

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Thanks. I couldn't agree more, having a wife who is committed to financial independence is a massive help/joy We've not had a single fight about money, which I'm told is a major point of stress in many marriages (even for wealthy couples).

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Talking about divorce! Ed. You two are very lucky, talking about this is a tribute to your solid relationship. I would love to meet you two sometime in the future.


The one thing that kept my marriage together for 40 years is that we talked about everything, especially the uncomfortable topics (death, finances) but also the affirming activities: continuing our education, supporting each other's interests, growing psychologically, discussing metaphysical life philosophies, having friends both couples and singles, and most important, maintaining a connection with our families (respecting and loving our in-laws, as best as we can). We were both frugal, but not miserly, as we traveled the world during our working careers and after retiring.


Dealing with in-laws, just be patient. I was not close to my mother-in-law for years. But we were cordial at holiday gatherings, but that's all. Then after 20 years, she finally accepted and loved me as her son in law. She is going to be 100 years old in 2019. She is still in good health, so I think she will make it.

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