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Tiaa Ny Times Article

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Here is an article supporting TIAA because all of the other insurance companies are much worse in the public k12 space: http://www.investmentnews.com/article/20171120/FREE/171129986/403-b-advisers-disappointed-with-tiaa-but-say-other-providers-are 


From our Scotty: "What TIAA's doing, I don't like it," Scott Dauenhauer, principal of Meridian Wealth Management, said. "But compared to what goes on in non-ERISA 403(b) every day, on a relative scale it's not the same. Relatively speaking, I'd rather have someone form TIAA than National Life Group. The stuff that goes on [elsewhere] in 403(b) land is still, way, way, way, way worse."

From our Tony Isola: "If TIAA was in the non-ERISA arena, they wouldn't even be getting in any trouble. They're getting subpoenaed for things that are common practice and worse in all 50 states in the non-ERISA market," said Tony Isola, head of the 403(b) division at Ritholtz Wealth Management. "Where's the justice there?"


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