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WE are STUFFED... With too much stuff

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The stuff you buy ends up owning you.

A minimalist friend told me that their rule of thumb is to get rid of anything and to refuse to buy anything that:

1) Isn’t regularly used (maybe at least once a month)

2) Isn’t generating additional happiness/health/wealth.

People think I’m crazy, but do we really need much more than clothing, shoes, toothbrush, dishes, phone/computer, tv/monitor, blanket, pillow, transportation, and a place to live?

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I think it's o.k to have some stuff although some folks go way too far accumulating stuff that has no value. What bothers me is people who have lots of stuff but no savings or are deeply in debt because of buying  stuff they don't need. Unfortunately anyone who has lived in the same house for a long time has accumulated stuff like it or not. I 've personally accumulated too many  house and garden tools that I needed to make house repairs and maintain my yard. Of course I still use them but I shake my head how many home upkeep tools and gadgets I now own. At least I actually saved money doing home repairs on my own.   I think stuff happens to all of us if you are not careful.

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