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What About A Roth Ira?

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Just joined this board and may find answer when I look around some. It is this. I began contributing to 403b 3 years ago. just getting back to balance equal to what i have contributed. i contribute max amount which at 53 is 13000/yr. i am putting 30% in maxim t rowe price midcap growth port and 70% in MFS Strategic Growth port. the latter was suggested by advisor from Great West Benefitscorp who manages.


My question: Is there any benefit in also contributing to a Roth IRA? Why or why not?


I also have about 3000 tied up in a Janus Global Fund. Wondering if I should just continue to put extra money in that.

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Guest Guest_Ted Leber

This has been said before here, but if your annual costs exceed about 1.5% you are probably better served by investing in low cost index funds with Vanguard or TIAA-CREF. Costs gobble up too much of your performance.


If I were you, I'd think about investing $3,000 in a ROTH IRA using a Vanguard index fund. Make sure you review your asset allocation of total portfolio to meet your risk needs.


Why a ROTH IRA? It provide you will more flexibility as you prepare your estate plans and make decisions to transfer that money to heirs.






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