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Choosing a 403b Provider

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First, I would like to say that I began exploring investing through Calstrs over spring break and found it such a confusing mess that I gave up....until I found your site last night!  I stayed up until 2 a.m. reading all of the posts back several years.  This finally helped put all of the puzzle pieces together for me and gave me some clarity.  So, I really appreciate this!  


Now that I have a better understanding of what I'm diving into, I would like to ask some advice.  My school district in CA offers 403b choices of Vanguard Fiduciary and Calpension 2, which also has Vanguard options.  I first thought I would prefer to open directly with Vanguard, but it looks like I'm limited to Target date funds.  With Cal2, I can choose any Vanguard investments, correct?  Although, maybe I would be better with a Target fund (2040).  Any suggestions?  


Also, if you were in a 35% tax bracket, would you choose a Roth or regular 403B?  I want a Roth because I have already accounted for the taxes I'll owe in my current budget, but not sure if that is an unwise move.  Thanks!



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