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Fee comparison chart between Axa and vanguard

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Could somebody provide a comparison chart of fees between Axa and vanguard 403(b) plans. For a few different index funds (sp500), large cap index, etc...

i am attempting to convince my school district to add vanguard, but I’m meeting resistance 

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AXA does a great job of hiding charges, but here are the charges with Equivest (their most popular product).

  • Administration charge: 2% or $30

  • Separate Account Charges: 1.20 % (Mortality & Expense charge 0.95% + other expenses 0.25%)

  • Underlying Portfolio Operating Expenses: 1.03% (average fund expense)

  • Personal Income Benefit Charge: 1%

  • Withdrawal Charges: 5%

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Based on OCPS (FL), which I think is the same everywhere:

AXA is documented here.

Vanguard is documented here.

If your state doesn’t have a great 457b then you’re also going to want to add a vendor for that too. Fidelity is the best, they’re documented here.

I’m happy to help you reform your district’s plans. I’ve successfully done it in my district. You can navigate to my blog to read some of posts about it. I also answered a question about this over on a bogleheads thread

Reach out if you want help. 

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