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Need Help-new To 403b

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Not sure an apples to apples comparison can be made with a market timing service. I would be using a diversified portfolio of indexes put together by DFA and rebalanced (i believe quarterly, but could be annually).. this is not an advertisement of portfolio returns for my company....only a benchmark of indexes.


I can give you 24 months ending February:

100% - 87.53%

80% - 66.86%

60% - 48.29%


This includes expenses of the underlying index fund, but not any advisory fees. Again, this is not an advertise of my firms returns, only a benchmark to what returns should be compared against (assuming a diversified portfolio).



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ScottyD and JustMurph,



Thanks for succinctly summing up or our very out of date arrangement!



I caution you not to confuse 403bwise.com with this Discussion Board. While obviously we make this board available, it is like most boards: a free-flowing mix of opinion and fact that does not necessarily reflect the views of the hosting site. Here is what 403bwise.com says about Agents in our 403(b) FAQ section:


Do I have to use an agent to set up a 403(b)?

No. This site believes that with financial education, patience and realistic expectations, individuals are perfectly capable of managing their own 403(b). It is important to point out, however, that many agents provide valuable services to their clients. These services can include: retirement planning, information about state retirement plans, and analysis of other financial needs. Such agents rightly deserve to be compensated for their services. The key is to figure out exactly what services you are receiving, and exactly what fees you are paying for these services. Only then can you determine the true value of using an agent. Other options include hiring a financial planner who can be paid on an hourly basis to aid you with your 403(b).


My new book Teach and Retire Rich, which will begin shipping next week, includes several sections on the value of using an advisor. Interestingly, many of our pre-orders are from advisors.


Dan Otter

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Guest Sierra

How many different equity indexes were used in the 100 percent equity case which resulted in a 24 month return of 87.53 percent?




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