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I need help choosing a vendor from the list from my Washington State School.  Here's the pared down list.

  • American Fidelity
  • Aspire Financial
  • Foresters Financial 
  • National Life
  • Plan Member Services
  • Reassure American Life
  • Security Benefit Group

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S Benedict, welcome!!

This topic has been discussed and answered in other recent posts. Take a look and you may answer your own  question . Look at the  recent posts  on this forum from King Cabrera, DJenkins, Nashman 50, and Sara. 

In a nutshell  Aspire SELF DIRECTand Security Benefit Direct Invest are your only good choices.  I notice you have American Fidelity but I don't think that is the same as the Fidelity Investments we like here so looks like Aspire and Security Benefit Direct Invest are your only choices BUT READ THROUGH THE POSTS FROM THE POSTERS ABOVE TO GET THE FULL PICTURE.

Also read the  Forbes article I posted on setting up a basic 3 fund index fund portfolio

If that doesn't answer your questions let us know.

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If you need help choosing a vendor, it would be wise to post the entire list.

Security Benefit's NEA DirectInvest is an elite 403b plan. I enrolled my ex-wife in that very plan.

  • I documented the details of the plan here.
  • I documented the exact steps to enroll in the plan through OCPS (FL) here.
  • You may benefit from reading the Investing 101 page I wrote here.

Sadly this plan isn't offered as a 457b, so if you're able to max out the 403b then your next best option for the 457b is Aspire, which I documented here.

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Public school district employees in WA state can contribute to the state-run 457 plan (also called a Deferred Compensation Plan (DCP). This plan can be used instead of the 403b, or in addition to the 403b. It is very low-cost and the funds and their fees are the same as those used in the defined contribution part of the state teacher’s Plan 3 hybrid retirement plan. https://www.drs.wa.gov/dcp/assets/DCP-Enrollment-Booklet.pdf
You district should but may not have this plan on its 457 vendor list. It should be easy to get it added to the list. An advantage of a 457 plan over a 403b plan could be if you retire early before age 59.5. There is no early withdrawal penalty (10%) from 457 plans after leaving the plan’s employer. Any withdrawal would of course be taxable income. The 10% penalty applies to withdrawals from 403b and 401k plans before age 59.5 although there are exceptions that may apply.


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