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South Carolina SC Options for 403b

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I'm trying to get info from the Charleston school district, but it's slow going to get a list of providers. Spouse is currently with Valic/AIG in a variable annuity for her 403b. Apparently they have a fixed annuity product. I asked about mutual fund group product, but the financial advisor didn't clarify in the email that they didn't have one so I'm assuming they do not. One of my posts on Bogleheads I came across someone who seems to indicate their spouse's 403b is with Vanguard, so I'm hoping they have a mutual fund account type. I will be calling PenServ who handles their 403b administration for more info, but figured I'd reach out here to see if anyone has any info right now.

Side note on the 401a (State ORP) plan. They have 4 administrators. I think we'll be switching from Valic/AIG to TIAA I think during open season in JAN-FEB due to fees. Other options are MassMutual and Metlife.

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Funny. i happen to be in Charleston right now-just visiting as I am from Virginia.. I went to their webpage and this is all I could pull up:

These deferred plans allow you to exclude from your taxable income a portion of your salary through pre-tax salary reduction.

  • Deferred Compensation - offers two plans designed to supplement your retirement. 
  • 401(k) and 457
  • Tax 403(b) Deferred Plans - We offer several voluntary provider companies, each with diversity investment options for you to select.
I did a few searches but could not come up with much. I would call them and have them e-mail you the vendor list. If  you have Vanguard, Spouse should get out of the annuity and go with Vanguard. It's a no brainer. Sounds like she was sold a high fee product she may not need . No worries, it can all be corrected and fixed.
Please once you get your vendor list  post it here and we can help you/her further. I wouldn't be asking any advisor too many questions about Vanguard -like choices because they are in the commission business and would likely rather keep spouse in a product that would benefit them instead of her. They may steer her in another wrong direction.
Interesting that they offer a 401 k. I would be interested to see how it works within the school system because it's rare to find school systems that offer it.

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