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New to working need help with 403bs

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I am new to the school system and new to working. My school offers a bunch of options for 403bs and I'm not sure which option is best. I'm having a hard time finding information about fees or funds in general. Any advice on choosing one over the other would be helpful.  My school did not provide me with much information and I want to make a smart choice.

AXA Equitable

Franklin Templeton

FTJ Fund Choice

Lincoln Investments

Security Benefits

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Security Benefit Direct Invest. You have to go to this link and do it yourself, because other Advisor's will talk you out of it due to not paying commissions or fees. 


Click enroll now and follow the steps. 

Very minimal $35 annual plan fee when assets are less than $50K, no plan fee when above $50K. No mark-up on Vanguard Index funds, so you are simply paying the small index fund fees.

Good luck.  

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The SB NEA Direct Invest 403b plan has been discussed a lot on this forum over the last few years. You could start by looking at:


This thread has links to previous threads. You can use the forum’s Search feature to look at the many past threads on this plan.

This plan does not use a local rep. It is internet based with phone support that is minimal. There is no “advisor” to help with your investments. But you can certainly get advice here on this forum.

I agree with KRC121212 that Direct Invest is your only low-cost option. It is a no-frills 403b plan but if you use the Vanguard broad-market index funds on offer, you will have a very, very low-cost 403b.

I would stay away from the TR Price target retirement funds as they are not low-cost (0.79% to 0.97%).

All you need is:

Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Admiral, ER 0.04%

Vanguard Total International Stock Mkt Admiral, ER 0.11%

Vanguard Intermediate-term Bond Index Admiral, ER 0.07%

Are you contributing to an IRA? Because you can choose the vendor, rather than your employer, you can go with Vanguard or Fidelity, the low-cost leaders. The limit for 2019 is $6000 for both you and also for your spouse, even if the spouse does not have income.

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Just echoing the previous responses.

I documented Security Benefit’s NEA DirectInvest plan here. I documented the specific steps I had to go through to enroll here.

Blindly investing in something you don’t understand is a great way to be taken advantage of. So I’m going to assume you also want to understand investing. Please read the Investing 101 page I wrote and come back with some questions. It is a quick read that explains the heart of what you need to know, the only thing it doesn’t cover is the types of accounts that exist.

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