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Millenial Millionaire Explains How He Got There Through Sacrifice

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The phrasing around FIRE drives me nuts. Was hard work and sacrifice at play, maybe? Was there a bigger factor in saving a million dollars in five years? Absolutely, otherwise we’d have a lot more millionaires running around.

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11 hours ago, jebjebitz said:

What did he do for a living?  How much did he make?

Probably not a teacher starting at $50,000.    These articles start to feel insulting after awhile.


11 hours ago, EdLaFave said:

It looks like you'll need to be in the top 5% of earners to hit this goal and if you're at the bottom of that window then you better live in a cheap part of the country.


This story sounds fishy and possibly made up.    I posted it because I think it's absurd. A million saved in 2.5 years?

i agree with you guys. This story lacks credibility. And I really feel sorry for him ( not ) because he gave up doing everything for a few  years so he can pursue that money. . Who wouldn't do that  for a few years if it where possible to save that kind of money so fast. Must have worked in the hedge fund industry .

Money really isn't everything but I'm glad I saved so I don't have to work now that I'm older and have freedom and time to do anything  I want or do nothing it all. So many my age still working.


thanks for commenting


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