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Michigan Roth 403(b) Options

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Looking for support in evaluating the roth 403b options made available by my new employer. 

  • AIG Retirement Services (formerly Valic)
  • American Century Services
  • Aspire
  • AXA Equitable
  • Foresters Financial
  • GWN/Employee Deposit Acct
  • Horace Mann
  • Invesco Oppenheimer
  • Legend Group
  • Lincoln Investment
  • National Life Group
  • Oldham Resource
  • Orion Portfolio Solutions
  • Planmember Service Corp
  • Security Benefit

Thanks for your support!











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You two best options are Aspire self directed into Vanguard or Fidelity Index Funds or Security Benefit Direct Invest into index funds. This topic has been exhausted  around here.  Any new comments would be repetitive.Try reading some other threads  on this discussion board.Obviously if you are looking for advisor help, these vendors would not be for you although Aspire does offer that if you don't self direct but fees will rise.. If you need help setting up a portfolio that is simple and diversified using index funds let us know. This article would be useful in that regard. 


This thread gives you all you need to know and would apply to you as well.


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