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FREE New York Times Book On Our Current Situation

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I thought I'd share this with all of you . With so much misinformation out there this is a good reference. I found it in line with what I have  been reading on responsible /reputable websites. I realize this is not about investing but considering what we all are going through,  I hope it will be allowed to be shared.  It does have a chapter on investing  It's 160 pages plus long.



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Thanks Tony.

Every crash is a surprise and the causes are different. The usual posters here have planned for something like this for years, and now is the time to probably quit looking at your portfolio for a while. You are all smart enough to not do anything right now but to hang on tight.

I am in an advantage because I won the game years ago (after a massive loss in 2000-2002), so I quit playing with my conservative portfolio.  I learned to construct my portfolio after making huge mistakes 20 years ago and I was in my early 50s. 

The most immediate danger is not getting sick, and friends, neighbors, and family losing their jobs. My two nieces lost their jobs as waitresses. 

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Steve and Krow

I'm no expert here but my opinion is we can't shut down the country for months over this.The economic consequences could be worse than the virus . It would and will do incredible damage to our economy of the likes we have never seen. I think we should only ask people of a certain age to quarantine as well as those who have other illnesses eventually. The rest need to do their due diligence and take everyday precautions but return to normal routines.Certainly this drill is teaching us what precautions to take. Perhaps pockets of high concentration like New York, Seattle and parts of California and Florida should have more stringent rules. Let the governors and mayors decide. In Italy a certain Northern pocket of the country is where the problem is serious. The rest of the country not so much. Opening the gates will possibly spread the virus but  folks usually can beat it so we in essence would be spreading immunity. I believe its called a "Herding Effect"   I know that seems inhumane but having a 20-30% unemployment rate is inhumane too.

I'm seeing great opportunities for businesses to invest in public health going forward.

I know we should ignore the noise when it comes to investments right now .but I just sold my taxable international fund at a good loss. Seeing I  seem to owe the government money ever year. it was an opportunity I could not pass up. I'm keeping my eye on my taxable accounts for tax loss harvesting as Whyme mentioned. So far I remain in the black in most of my funds.  I won't do anything otherwise in my IRA accounts. I won't being paying my tax bill until July now.

There is no easy answer to the horrible mess we are in. I pray for all that are ill and I certainly don't think the stock market  or the economy is more important than human life.



Note: Everyone's situation is different.Anything I write on this website is my personal opinion and should not be considered investment advice. Please do your own research.

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