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Please help me choose a 403(b) provider

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Well this tool got my curiosity up so I went a head and tried it. Unfortunately I think this tool I posted only does UP TO  5years. ScottO's tools hopefully go further.Looks Like Fidelity OTC outperforms here but its not a fair comparison as the funds are in different investment categories Plus keep in mind, A better indicator would be to see how the OTC fund responds to a down market atmosphere like 2007-2008.



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Regarding the original topic of discussion. Fidelity is the best option. I documented the plan, fees, and suggested funds to invest in here.

Regarding the spin off discussion of Fidelity OTC Portfolio vs Total Market Index: it is obvious that you should be investing in the total market index fund and it isn't event close:

  1. OTC isn't diversified; it is essentially a tech sector fund. Ask people on this board how well it worked out for them when they concentrated their investments in specific sectors of the market.
  2. OTC has very high costs, which you can overlook in years when the sector outperforms, but cost is the single best predictor of future performance.
  3. You should never be looking at previous performance to pick your investments. In fact, that's the best way to under-perform in the future!
  4. In any given year I can pick roughly 1/3 of funds that outperformed the total market, but when you look at 20 or 30 year windows that number dwindles to the single digits. Good luck forecasting, which funds will fall into that very slim category.

Total market index fund all day long!

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