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gee joel, i believe once you get pastviewing life through your "blue tinted" TC glasses, you may be able to see other issues at hand.......


1. her husbands rep no longer works for the company OR

2. the new rep was never made aware of her husbands death


please dont jump on your wagon and tell me that if she was with TC, her "advisor" (albeit, an 800 number), would have called upon her.


again, all knowing joel, help her with her issues, not spout off to her what you say in every post in here.

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<!--QuoteBegin--pathfinder+Apr 21 2005, 09:46 PM-->

QUOTE (pathfinder @ Apr 21 2005, 09:46 PM)
<!--QuoteEBegin--> joel, i sat back and waited and i knew if i waited long enough, you would start your ranting about overpriced and overpaid advisors. do us and her a favor and address her questions and needs. <!--QuoteEnd-->



I think that you gave an undeserved cheap s to Joel. If you look back at his first four posts on this thread, you will see that he was doing his utmost to help this woman. It was only in is fifth post that he remarked that a full service provider should have been of greater assistance to her. That sounds like a reasonable point to make, and one that may help others in their investing decisions.

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Looking back over these posts again, I agree with Joel even more. When this woman called the insurance company, all that the company did was to send her a bunch of forms. Wasn't she entitled to some professional advice that her husband had been paying for? Shouldn't that company have connected her with an agent to help her out?


Pathfinder, you are correct that TC (or for that matter, V, F, or TRP) would not have done this, either. But TC, et. al., do not purport to provide such advice, whereas "full service providers" do.

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